GetOnPar was founded by Yomi who was trying to make a video for his friends on a golf course he visited. His friends really liked the video and Yomi decided to make some more and put them on YouTube. This gave birth to GetOnPar.

GetOnPar videos are aimed at the amateur golfer who only manages to play golf once or twice a week.

Yomi makes a maximum of 8 videos a month and has a simple Moto. “Golf must be fun!” These videos are realistic to the average golfer. Amateur golfers appreciate these videos as they connect with his skillset and his quest for self-improvement. It mimics a quest that many golfers have.

GetOnPar is an influential golf Youtube Channel and attracts 20 – 30 new subscribers per month. This number has steadily been increasing each month.

Many golfers trust GetOnPar honest reviews.

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